What Does Accreditation Mean?

accreditaion cert 1

On 18th July 2013 our Museum became an Accredited Museum. We were given this award from Museums Galleries Scotland. Here Dr Robert Hay, our Archivist, explains what this means.


What does accreditation mean?


It means we are a healthy organisation.

Our management and finances have been examined in great detail and have been found to be sound and appropriate.  We also have an adequate workforce, paid and volunteer, to make it work efficiently.  In “management speak”, our “governance” is judged to be in order.


Our Collections are Maintained to the National standard.

The measures in place to receive, catalogue, preserve and display objects, documents, images and electronic resources, are also up to scratch.  In effect, this means that our collections are part of the national collections.


We Know How to Treat Visitors

The assessors have concluded that we treat our visitors with respect, that our premises meet their needs, and that we provide the right level of information.


Having achieved the accreditation standard, the museum now qualifies for investment from Museums Galleries Scotland through their various grant schemes.  The curator group will now work on two areas:  display cases for Lismore items to be returned on long term loan (top priority the Kilcheran gold) and the development of a new area for the study of documents, images and genealogy.


National Accreditation is a Badge of Honour for our pioneers, whose inspiration laid sound foundations.