The Story of the North End

Work in Progress (March 2017)

We know a good deal about the history of the middle part of Lismore, even some details about how ordinary people lived in the 17th century, because of the many documents held in the Glenorchy/Breadalbane archive in the National Archives in Edinburgh (see “Tracing the History of Baligrundle” in the History section). We know much less about the north and south ends and there are some very surprising gaps in our knowledge – such as the date and circumstances of the founding of Port Ramsay, and the building and operation of the lime kilns at Park and Alastra.

Five new articles in the History Section of the CELM website bring together information from the Lismore Museum archive, with contributions from Laura Gloag and Catriona White, to tell part of the story of the North End. It is hoped that more will come from untapped knowledge on the island. The articles will be updated as new material arrives. All contributions, corrections additions, to this and the other History articles, please, to Bob Hay at

Port Ramsay today

Port Ramsay: When was it founded and who were the pioneer inhabitants?

How long did you have to wait for the ferry?