The Big Lismore Dig

This year we are concentrating on the Celtic Church on Lismore.  Passers-by will have seen 3 16m trenches in the South Glebe field where we are trying to establish the boundaries of the old graveyard, looking for “finds” from early medieval times, and investigating the possibility that there was a oval boundary trench or vallum round Moluag’s monastery, following the wall round the glebe.  

So far, in glorious weather, the search goes on for the vallum at the southern boundary wall of the glebe.  A stone-free area near the wall might show where it was.  Meanwhile, the three trenches have yielded: a great deal of slag, indicating that smelting of iron took place in the area;  a good supply of nails similar to those found at Achinduin Castle;  and some fragments of medieval pottery.  These are mainly from the disturbed surface layers and we are expecting a lot more finds as we move into deeper soil.

Everyone is welcome to visit the site during the dig but, especially, please attend our Open Day on Friday 13th July from 10am.  

Meantime, we would welcome more diggers to help at the site, even for a half day.

6. Medieval pottery

1. The Team

2. 16m trench

3. Looking for the vallum

4. Iron smelting slag