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Baligrundle School in the Coronation Year of 1911

Object of the Month: June 2017

School Log Books Kilandrist Parish School 1866-78 Baligarve Public School 1879-1965 Baligrundle Public School 1911-1960 LISDD:2017.U The 1872 Education Act provided state-sponsored schools, with compulsory attendance for all children from 5 to 13, run by local school boards; on Lismore, this meant the establishment of state/public schools at Baligarve and Baligrundle, eventually with infant, junior […]

Gaelic Cafe Going Good!

Our Gaelic Cafe meets every Saturday at Isle of Lismore Cafe and it’s going great. Some of the Ulpan learners come to compare their homework, practice their pronunciation and just generally have a Gaelic themed get together. We’ve had help from some native Liosach Gaelic speakers and this has been brilliant for our learning and local phrasing.  Liosachs […]