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Baligrundle School in the Coronation Year of 1911

Object of the Month: June 2017

School Log Books Kilandrist Parish School 1866-78 Baligarve Public School 1879-1965 Baligrundle Public School 1911-1960 LISDD:2017.U The 1872 Education Act provided state-sponsored schools, with compulsory attendance for all children from 5 to 13, run by local school boards; on Lismore, this meant the establishment of state/public schools at Baligarve and Baligrundle, eventually with infant, junior […]

Duncan MacCormick's Watch Chain LISDD2010-156

Object of the Month: May 2016

Duncan MacCormick’s Watch Chain LISDD:2010.156 Gold watch chain of twisted oval links, connected to an oval commemorative medal inscribed on one side with the initials DMC and on the other:  “Presented to Duncan MacCormick from his friends & well wishers in Lismore.  22 August 1908” Duncan MacCormick, son of James and Jessie MacCormick, tenants in […]