September 2014

Six-20 Brownie Model C Box Camera   LISDD:2006.65OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Brownie Box cameras were first introduced by Eastman Kodak in 1900.  At a price of $1, they made photography available to everyone, and helped to transform lives.  The controls were very simple and it was not necessary to do complicated calculations of shutter speed and f number.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
This, more advanced, model was on sale between 1946 and 1957.  As with all Box cameras, the images were captured on roll film and you had to visit the chemist or photographic shop to have them developed and printed from negatives.  There was always a great deal of uncertainty about how they would turn out.  Photography has been totally transformed with digital cameras, and the ability to review captured images.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Roll of colour film for the Brownie Box Camera   LISDD:2006.66
This camera was owned by the Carmichael family and was donated to the museum by Cathie Carmichael.  Many of the 2.25 inch x 3.25 inch black and white “snaps” in the museum image collection will have been captured using it.
CE Exhib 9 02.06 35
Here the Lismore Primary School children of 2006 discuss the camera as part of the exhibition held before the Museum opened the following year.