Image Gallery

A selection of photos from the Heritage centre and the island.

Do you recognise these ladies?Do you recognise these people?Carmichael FamilyThe Peggy Wreck Bottle. ht 26.5 cm dia 9 cmDo you recognise these people?Do you recognise these gentlemen?Do you recognise these people?Do you recognise these people?Neil Thomson’s Medals: DCM, British War, Victory and PoliceDo you recognise these people?Do you know who these people are?15-Mar-17: Do you recognise these people? Possibly Mr and Mrs Stewart Hawthorn?08-Mar-17: Do you recognised any of these people?EXHIBITION OPENING: Artists Ted and Elizabeth Odling their lives and workThe ruined township of Cloichlea, with the broken grey stone to the rightThe Hawthorn House Cradle (LISDD:2014.210). Bed dimensions 90cm x 47cm x 27cmRev Gregor McGregor’s Private Register (Wedding 62)LISDD:2006.125 Profile moulding 27cm x 21cm x 20cmLISDD:2009.N1 Duncan McDonald, North Mountain, West Bay, Cape Breton Island to Gilbert McDonald, Frackersaig, Lismore. 10 March 1847Appin HeadGaelic PsalterClare recording the west wall of the nave – up to a metre surviving, showing the sandstone drip stones at original ground levelThe Park clamp kiln (the horseshoe shaped structure) with a pile of broken stone (right) and a small quarry faceOctober 1918 at Daisybank: L to R - Neil Munro (Australian visitor), May, Annie, Kitty and NeilLISDD:2014.212, Gunpowder Flask from Balimakillichan (25cm long)Duncan MacCormick's Watch Chain LISDD2010-156Katy Crossan, New Café ManagerTaynuilt Games 1946100 ClubVisitScotland 4 Star MuseumView Across Broch to Eilean DubhSlabs with completed facing walls and interpretation boardsPetrol Smoothing Iron (length 225mm) LISDD:2010.158family ceilidh