Image Gallery

A selection of photos from the Heritage centre and the island.

Do you recognise this lady?Do you recognise these people?Do you recognise these people?Do you recognise this gentleman?Do you recognise these people?Fathers' DayDo you recognise these boys?Baligrundle School in the Coronation Year of 1911Do you recognise these boys?Do you recognise these ladies?Do you recognise these people?Carmichael FamilyThe Peggy Wreck Bottle. ht 26.5 cm dia 9 cmDo you recognise these people?Do you recognise these gentlemen?Do you recognise these people?Do you recognise these people?Neil Thomson’s Medals: DCM, British War, Victory and PoliceDo you recognise these people?Do you know who these people are?15-Mar-17: Do you recognise these people? Possibly Mr and Mrs Stewart Hawthorn?08-Mar-17: Do you recognised any of these people?EXHIBITION OPENING: Artists Ted and Elizabeth Odling their lives and workThe ruined township of Cloichlea, with the broken grey stone to the rightThe Hawthorn House Cradle (LISDD:2014.210). Bed dimensions 90cm x 47cm x 27cmRev Gregor McGregor’s Private Register (Wedding 62)LISDD:2006.125 Profile moulding 27cm x 21cm x 20cmLISDD:2009.N1 Duncan McDonald, North Mountain, West Bay, Cape Breton Island to Gilbert McDonald, Frackersaig, Lismore. 10 March 1847Appin HeadGaelic PsalterClare recording the west wall of the nave – up to a metre surviving, showing the sandstone drip stones at original ground levelThe Park clamp kiln (the horseshoe shaped structure) with a pile of broken stone (right) and a small quarry faceOctober 1918 at Daisybank: L to R - Neil Munro (Australian visitor), May, Annie, Kitty and NeilLISDD:2014.212, Gunpowder Flask from Balimakillichan (25cm long)Duncan MacCormick's Watch Chain LISDD2010-156