October 2014 Minutes


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Comann Eachdraidh Lios Mòr


Taic Comann Eachdraidh Lios Mòr

                       Lismore Historical Society

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Draft Minutes of Meeting held in the Museum Room

Thursday 25th September 2014


Present: Directors : Iain McNicol (IM), Jennifer Baker (JB),(Sec) (Taic&CELM),  Ann MacLean Fleming (AF), (Treas), Bob Hay (BH) (Chair),  Archie MacGillivray (AG), Memory McDonald (MMD), Katie MacGregor) (KMG), Freda Drysdale (FD), Douglas Breingan (DB), Margaret MacColl, (KM), Lesley Hamilton (LH), Duncan Ferguson (DF) (Taic).

Committee Members: Margaret MacDonald (MD), Maureen Mitchell (MM)


Duncan Drysdale (DD) (Co.Sec) also attended


Apologies: Helen Crossan (HC), Lorraine King (LK)


Previous minutes

MM said that Mrs Grant’s donation was £100.

Bullet Point 5 – deleted

Proposed MMD. Seconded MD.


Matters Arising

The Archaeological Walks Leaflet is still not selling. It was agreed to take the cost down to £2.00.

LH reported on a good day at the Oban Games.

Thanks were offered to those who manned the stall.


New Constitution

The new Constitution which has been drawn up with the help of Just Enterprise was analysed and discussed. (All members of the Board had received a copy some weeks before the meeting). Some points need clarification. The finalised version will be presented at an EGM.


Financial Report and Funding

AF distributed a financial update.

After much discussion of how to raise funds, it was decided to appoint a financial sub committee. Members are DD, AF, KM IM. They will draw up a strategy to present to the EGM.


Book Week

BH outlined the programme for the week, 20th – 24th October. Posters are already up although some changes have to be made. New posters and fliers will be out within days. Both websites will have information.

JB said that she was contacting Lesley Riddoch as her new book, ‘Blossom’ will fit well into our theme of ‘Community’.

All members of the Board and committee were asked to attend as many sessions as possible and to bring friends and family.

JB and BH will meet ferries from Point at appropriate times.



£5000 is needed to upgrade the system. Sponsors may be sought. Glasgow Caledonia University have offered interns to work on the upgrading and assist with IT systems as part of their coursework. Dates and details still to be finalised.


Scottish Rural Parliament

Are coming to the hall on 6th November. Representatives from all island groups have been invited to take part in the discussion. Several members expressed interest.


MacDougall McCallum Foundation

The visit from members was once again very successful.

Tow donations were received; one for $200 and one for £160.

Again we thank them for their ongoing generosity to CELM.



BH reported that there has been little progress since the last meeting. Negotiations with the Heritage lottery Fund are still ongoing. 60% of the total funding necessary has already been secured.

He said that when the funding is complete a Public Meeting will be held.


Curatorial Advisor

Catherine Gillies, our Curatorial Advisor has withdrawn due to family problems. We are now seeking a new mentor.



KM said that the café was  financially problematic. IM asked her to bring figures to the next meeting of the Finance Committee.

Meeting finished at 7.30.

Date of next meeting Thursday 30th October

NB This date proved unsuitable for many of the Board so was postponed till Thursday 13th November.