December 2012

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Comann Eachdraidh Lios Mòr

Lismore Historical Society

A Company limited by guarantee No. SC234832


Minutes of Meeting held in the Library   Thursday 6th December 2012

Present: Directors: Duncan Livingstone (Chair), Jennifer Baker (JB),Sec, Duncan Drysdale (DD) Treas; Bob Hay (BH), Archie MacGillivray (AG), John Livingstone (JL), Nic Jones (NJ), Katie MacGregor) (KMG),

Committee Members: Margaret MacDonald (MD), Lorraine King (LK), ), Duncan Ferguson (DF), Barbara McDougall (BMD),

Apologies: Donald Black (DB), Freda Drysdale (FD), Pauline Dowling (PD),

The previous minutes were approved. Prop JL sec MD

Matters Arising

• BMD has spoken with Simon Lewis who is hopeful that the Castle Coeffin dyke will be repaired soon

• Re gravestones BMD will attend Kirk Session Meeting next Thursday. BH has drafted a letter to the Kirk Session reporting that Historic Scotland has advised lifting the stones. He has offered to work alongside. A copy has been sent to the Minister.

Clydesdale Bank Account

DD said that an update is needed for the Clydesdale Bank. Signatories: DD, BH, NJ, JB.

DD proposed that we close the Bank of Scotland account and move monies to Clydesdale Bank. Unanimous vote for.

Draft Standing Orders

DD distributed copies of the Draft Standing Orders and suggested that they be adopted. BH proposed, JL seconded. Carried unanimously.

The structure of the committee will be revised in the new year. BH suggested that curators, archivists, librarian, membership sec, press officer and anyone  the Directors wish to invite should be on committee. Prop DD sec NJ. Carried.

Funding for a Centre Manager

JB read a letter from Catherine Gillies in which she agreed to source funding for this post


The website is progressing well. Our designer visited last week to spend a day with the website group.

The Board offered thanks to PD, JB and LK for the work being done.

Forward Plan

Approval for the adoption of the Forward Plan was proposed by JB, sec JL. Carried.

The Board offered thanks to BH for the enormous amount of work done,

Approval of Museum Policy Documents

These documents have to be produced for accreditation. They have been developed/ updated in accordance with requirements of Museums Galleries Scotland.

The Chair formally approved the documents.

Induction Procedure for Directors

New directors must be familiar with the Memoranda and Articles; the Forward Plan; signed accounts and minutes of AGM as well as minutes of the most recent meeting; Standing Orders; OSCR Guidance for Charity Trustees and procedure for committee meetings.

Within two months of appointment the director will be given a full guide of the museum.

DD will enquire if there is a similar guide for Companies House.

Disaster Plan

NJ distributed documents outlining what should be done in event of a disaster (fire, flood etc) NJ will take a copy to the next accreditation meeting. We still await security check. The police have been asked and hopefully all will be completed by the end of January.


• DD proposed that the AGM should be held in May instead of March. Unanimous vote for.

• LK reported on Ùlpan classes. Fourteen students have completed up to and including Unit 40. Session 3 will begin in January 2013.

• A list of members has been released to one member with proper conditions in place.

• A letter has been received from DGarrett re the bell for the United Reformed Church. In it he disputes the gifting of the bell to CELM by the Odling family. DL will contact Noelle Odling for clarification.

• LK distributed fliers re the volunteers’ lunch. The date has been changed to Saturday 15th December at 1pm.

Meeting finished at 8.25.

Next meeting Thursday 17th January.