May 2014 Minutes


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Comann Eachdraidh Lios Mòr


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Minutes of Meeting held in the Museum Room

Thursday 1st May 2014



Present: Directors: Duncan Livingstone (DL) (Chair), Jennifer Baker (JB),(Sec), Bob Hay (BH), Archie MacGillivray (AG), Memory McDonald (MMD), Katie MacGregor) (KMG), Freda Drysdale (FD),

Committee Members: Lorraine King (LK),  Nic Jones (NJ), Barbara MacDougall (BMG), Margaret McDonald (MD).

Also present.  Anne MacLean (AL); Lesley Hamilton (LH), Cathy Carmichael (CC), Duncan Drysdale (DD), Helen Crossan (HC) and James Hilder of Just Enterprise.


Apologies: Catherine Gillies (CG), Maureen Mitchell (MM), Duncan Ferguson (DF), John Livingstone (JL), Stuart Ross (SR).


Absent from Meeting without Apologies

Teenie Wilson (TW).


Previous minutes

Approved, proposed MMD, seconded FD


Matters Arising

The Macdougall McCallum Foundation have sent a further £100 to cover the full cost of the MacDougall Banner bringing the total donation to $1500. Grateful thanks are due to them.



Sustainabilty Project

James Hilder introduced this item.

It has become evident to the Board that CELM will need further funding within the next few years if it is to remain sustainable but James stressed first that the work being done at INM is impressive and there is little cause to be downhearted. Nevertheless, he commended the Board for calling him in at this time thus being proactive rather than reactive. After a short discussion about where we are at the moment certain recommendations were debated:

  1. Transport of visitors from ferries. JH will investigate funding. A subcommittee could be formed to carry out a feasibility study.
  2. Responsibilities of Directors – vitally important. JH will lead a Training Day
  3. Business Plan – also vitally important. There is in place an excellent Forward Plan for the museum, but no Business Plan for the whole Centre.

Whole day meeting will be held on:


Wednesday 21st May in the Hall.

10am – 12 noon Directors of both Boards;

2pm – 4pm Directors and Volunteers.


JH will send the agenda for the day to JB for distribution.

At a later date CELM and Taic CELM will invite the island community to hear our findings.


It was also decided that, for the next few months, CELM and Taic CELM will have joint meetings. CELM will have responsibility for culture, heritage and events; Taic for income generation. It was also decided that the Curators’ Group can handle events and heritage without consultation with the Boards, prop BH sec FD. Carried. Curators to meet monthly.


Living History

HC spoke about the project she has been working on for the last year (funded by Bòrd na Gàidhlig)

She has recorded 25 native islanders’ memories in Gaelic with English subtitles. The meeting had the great pleasure of viewing one of the recordings which are of a very high professional standard.

BH proposed that the extract should be shown at the AGM. Seconded FD. Carried unanimously.  Grateful thanks were offered to Helen.

HC finishes this part of the project at the beginning of June but there is still important work to be done. HC will do two sets of training – one with the school (date already set) and one with adults to record own memories based on the model of “Listening Project” on Radio 4.

HC is also working on a project documenting variations in Lismore Gaelic which will be recorded in a sound dictionary and which will be included as part of Book Week in October.


New Treasurer

DL welcomed Anne MacLean to the meeting. Anne has already had a first meeting with DD.

JH outlined the conditions of the honorarium (£4000 + Gift Aid, kindly donated by DD) and also recommended a job description. Anne’s appointment was proposed by BH and seconded by JB. Carried.

Gratitude to DD was offered by the Boards and Committee.


Retiring Managers

As IOM is now without a Centre Manager, key accountabilities must be addressed.

  • Health and safety/fire/disaster and emergency.
  • Liaising with Treasurer
  • E-mails and post
  • General maintenance
  • Internet banking
  • First aid
  • Heritage work

JB, BH and BMD volunteered to monitor weekly issues; DD will continue with Internet bank payments; first Aid – volunteers and Café. MM will be asked to ask volunteers. Heritage work will be done by Curators.



DD has circulated the accounts to Directors. If Directors are happy he will present them to James Gunn for auditing.



LH requested that volunteers be proactive in replacing stock in the shop. Her number is in the volunteers’ Handbook (blue book under the till) if there are any problems.

She has also provided a comprehensive list of prices which are beside the till.


Meeting finished at 8.15.


Next meeting Wednesday 21st May 10am in the Hall (see above)