May 2013



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Comann Eachdraidh Lios Mòr

                        Lismore Historical Society

          A Company limited by guarantee No. SC234832

          AIREAMH CARTHANNAIS/Charity No. SC023503


Draft Minutes of Meeting held in the Library

Thursday 9th May 2013


Present: Directors: Duncan Livingstone (DL), (Chair), Jennifer Baker (JB),Sec, Bob Hay (BH), Katie MacGregor) (KMG), John Livingstone (JL), Nic Jones (NJ).


Committee Members: , Lorraine King (LK),  Margaret McDonald (MD), Memory McDonald (MMD), Duncan Ferguson (DF), Barbara McDougall (BMD), Freda Drysdale (FD).

Beth Campbell also attended.


Apologies: Donald Black (DB), Duncan Drysdale (DD), Pauline Dowling (PD).


The previous minutes were approved. Prop MD   Sec NJ.


Matters Arising

Donnie MacCormick would like to be part of the working group on the graveyard stones. JL, BH and DD will be working alongside Mary MacDougall and Rev Roderick Campbell although no date has yet been agreed for a meeting. Historic Scotland says that the situation is serious and is sending someone to the island to assess the state of the stones. The committee expressed satisfaction with this.



BH phoned Museums Galleries Scotland to assess the progress on accreditation. They are just starting to look at the application (which was presented in January).


Centre Managers and Recorder

NJ, LK and Beth Campbell left the room while contracts for Centre Manager and Recorder were discussed. The Centre Managers will have two identical contracts with line manager chosen from Directors. It was decided that DD should be line manager with JL as deputy.

It was decided to negotiate a consultancy with Helen Crossan as Recorder rather than as an employee of CELM. This has advantages as regards equipment etc. Bòrd na Gàidhlig have agreed that this would be acceptable. Helen will start in post from 1st June.

As well as £9000.00 from Bòrd na Gàidhlig, Argyll and Bute Council, Third Sector have contributed £750.00 for equipment.


Website Statistics

Are very satisfactory. 1300 hits in the first week and 850-900 each week since. The Directors expressed their appreciation to the Website Group.

The Committee wish to express grateful thanks to Beathag Mhoireasdan for the huge amount of translation that she has done and is doing for the website.



This is Beth’s last year. She will finish on 10th November. Discussion followed re advertising the café.

The museum and café are organising the following events for the summer:

  • 20th July Cottars and Crafters’ Community Day. From 11am – 11pm. It will consist of a demonstration of traditional crafts; Scottish Country dancing in the hall; and, from 8pm – 11pm barbeque and music.
  • A fashion show. Saturday 19th October.
  • Murder Mystery Night. Saturday 22nd June
  • A play entitled “The Selkirk Settlers” enacted by The Canadian Walking Youth Theatre.  30th June.



  • LK suggested that the shop should be open during dinner nights and that she would man it. The Committee approved and thanked LK.
  • Oban Games. CELM has a table in the Heritage Tent. It was suggested that a new, more portable banner should be purchased. LK, DL, DF, JL and BMD will attend in shifts.
  • The visit from The Great Auks was very good. They donated £50.00. It was agreed that more visits like this should be encouraged.
  • It was agreed that new computers are badly needed. No decision was made.
  • The certificate for the honorary director is to be framed and presented. BMD kindly agreed to do the calligraphy.
  • It was agreed to have a pre AGM meeting to discuss duties for the day on Thursday 23rd May.
  • DL will write letters of thanks to Murdo MacDonald and Moira and Duncan MacCormick for very generous donations to the museum.


The meeting closed at 9.05pm


Date of next meeting. Thursday 13th June 7pm in the library.