March 2015 Minutes

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Comann Eachdraidh Lios Mòr


Taic Comann Eachdraidh Lios Mòr

Lismore Historical Society

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Minutes of Meeting held in the Library

Thursday 26th March 2015


Present: Directors : Iain MacNichol (IM), (Chair), Jennifer Baker (JB),(Sec) (Taic&CELM), Bob Hay (BH), Archie MacGillivray (AG), Memory McDonald (MMD), Douglas Breingan (DB), Lesley Hamilton (LH), Helen Crossan (HC).

Committee Members: Duncan Livingstone (DL), Margaret MacDonald (MD), Duncan Ferguson (DF), Maureen Mitchell (MM), Noelle Odling (NO).

Iris Piers, Museum Development Officer also attended.

Apologies: Katie MacGregor) (KMG), Freda Drysdale (FD), Duncan Drysdale (DD).

On behalf of CELM and CELM Taic, IM thanked Noelle Odling for becoming a member of the committee and for taking up the duties of Treasurer.

Previous minutes

Feb Meeting. MM noted that the Volunteers’ Day starts at 10.30, not 10.00.

Prop BH, seconded MMD.

March Meeting. Prop BH, Seconded DF

Matters Arising

  • The Newsletter is ready for publication apart from genealogy and membership.

  • Letters and standing orders are now ready for 100 Club. All forms should be returned by 10th May and the first draw will be at the AGM.

Community Trust

IM stressed the importance of good connections with the Community Trust. JB reported back on conversation with Sebastian Tombs (Chair) and felt that a meeting in May would be appropriate. BH and JB will arrange.


BH stressed the urgency of signing up as an agricultural holding. IM will get deeds and maps asap and he and BH will attend.

Links with other Gaelic Institutions

HC spoke to this item. We could be seeking links to strengthen access to student placements and courses, specifically Gaelic-speaking students and the benefit that could come to CELM from that.  Given their existing reputation with Gaelic, the following institutions could have potential:

1.            Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, part of the University of the Highlands and Islands, and recognised internationally as a centre of excellence for Gaelic study

2.            University of Edinburgh, with which CELM has existing connections through the Carmichael Watson project.  

HC asked for some support with this.  IP offered her support in visiting these institutions with HC.  BH made the point that the Gaelic Conference in May may provide contacts.  BH proposed £250.00 to be allocated for expenses for this project. JB sec. Unanimous vote in favour. 


At the moment, on the advice of Just Enterprise, Taic and CELM meet together. For the future, however, we need more Taic directors. All present were asked to canvass suitable candidates. The AGM may bring about moves from CELM to Taic CELM.

Volunteers Day

The day will run much as it has in the past. MM, MMD and JB will attend.

A finger buffet will be provided in the café.

Attending, so far, are 16 desk volunteers. In total, 23 for lunch.

IP emphasized the importance of volunteers knowing our poor financial situation.

BH will talk re graveslabs.

IM has written to Barbara MacDougall re her resignation as librarian, to thank for the years of work done.

Building Maintenance

DF spoke to this item.

The water was passed on a second visit. DF has installed a new filter and UV light.

Heating/fridges – we still await the engineer.

Sewage. Two alternatives were discussed. DF will inquire further.

DF stressed the importance of having a maintenance team. Members will be sought.

Turf Roof. BH will contact Cakebread’s.


IP spoke to this item.

There is, this year, a lack of communication between the café and CELM.

Thus, many items need attention – microwave, fridges, extractor fans, parasols, walls to be cleaned. All these will be attended to forthwith.

Equipment could be sought from local authority, Forteith’s.

Footfall must be increased. Transport and cruise ships were discussed. This should be done in conjunction with the Development Trust.


JB asked for a date. After much discussion it was decided Saturday 30th May at 4.30 in the museum room.

JB stated her intention not to stand as a Director next year for one year (although she will still volunteer and be Curator of Objects).


Grateful thanks were offered to Lesley Hamilton and Mairi Livingstone for the sterling work done in the shop. All agreed that it is extremely impressive.

Meeting closed at 7.50.

Next meeting: Thursday 23rd April 6pm in the Museum Room.