March 2013


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Comann Eachdraidh Lios Mòr

Lismore Historical Society

A Company limited by guarantee No. SC234832



 Minutes of Meeting held in the Library

Thursday 21st March 2013


Present: Directors: Duncan Livingstone (Chair), Jennifer Baker (JB),Sec, Duncan Drysdale (DD) Treas, Bob Hay (BH), John Livingstone (JL)

Committee Members: , Lorraine King (LK), Margaret MacDonald (MD), Memory McDonald (MMD), Barbara McDougall (BMD), Nic Jones (NJ),

Lesley Hamilton also attended.


Apologies: Donald Black (DB), Pauline Dowling (PD), Freda Drysdale (FD), Katie MacGregor) (KMG), Duncan Ferguson (DF).


The previous minutes were approved. Prop MMD Sec JL


Matters Arising

  •  Re stones in the graveyard – John Raven has sent a full reply. He suggests we contact Argyll and Bute Council (Marina Curran-Coulthard)
  •  BH suggested a working party including someone from the church. He will write to Roderick Campbell. Others will include DD and JL. JL will contact Donny MacCormick.
  •  Patrons – CELM has received a letter of acceptance from Beathag Mhoireasdan. The role of patrons will be to promote the Centre; to visit once a year and to chair the AGM. DL will reply in writing.
  •  The newsletter, in electronic and printed form will go out to members in time for the opening.
  •  The best bits of the horse harness from Newfield have been selected and prepared for this season’s exhibition. BH has requested more.
  • Ploughs  from Jack Reynolds and Auchindrain have arrived at the centre. Gregor MacCormick will deliver a Lismore plough. CELM wish to express gratitude to all donors.
  •  BH asked for agreement that two of the ploughs should be placed under the balcony and requested help to move them. Agreed.


Centre Manager

A draft job description was distributed to the committee for their perusal.

Discussion followed and decisions made regarding advertising the post, the contract, CV, letter of application and dates of interviews. All were voted upon and approved.

Proposed dates are: Advertisement in the Oban Times, Community Website and Lismore Gaelic Heritage Centre Website by 4th April; interviews on 22nd April.

NJ and DD will create the advertisement.


Website and Opening

The website will go live on the museum opening date – 29th March.

It will also be the opening of our new display for 2013 “Lismore Ploughman”.

Mr and Mrs Evans will donate the claret bottle from ‘The Peggy’ . CELM expressed their grateful thanks.



Emergency plan; security check will be done next week. BH and NJ will attend.


Archiving of Electronic Materials.

Plans are needed to preserve what is already in the archives: films, tapes and CDs. NJ will investigate.

BH has secured £9000 from Bòrd na Gàidhlig to employ a Gaelic speaker to interview and record memories. DF and BH attended the meeting of Bòrd na Gàidhlig in Oban.



A decision will be made at the next meeting as to whether we take part. An enormous amount of work and planning is needed so we need to start asap if the decision is to go ahead with the project.



The Emigrants’ Register needs updated. Laura Gloag will be contacted to see if she is willing to carry out the work.



Dr Iain MacDonald will give a talk after the AGM entitled “Among a People Rude and Barbarous”, an account of the later Medieval Bishops of Argyll and the Isles.



Celm welcomed Lesley Hamilton, the new shop manager. CELM thanked her for the huge amount of work already done.

More lighting is needed for the displays. Stephen Green will be asked to advise.



  • LK will book a late ferry for the Dewar Report on Friday.
  • Margaret Miller, author of ‘My Dear Son’ the subject of which is the MacDougall Family has asked permission to publish letters belonging to the museum. The committee agreed unanimously. BH will reply on behalf of CELM.
  • BH requested a video camera for the museum. Decision will be taken at the next meeting.

Meeting closed at 8.50



Date of next meeting: Friday 10th May. 7pm