Object of the Month: June 2015

Object of the Month, June 2015

Records of the Annual Show of the Lismore Agricultural Society, LISDD:2007. (Catalogues, posters and prize tickets, 1913-1938)

The Lismore Agricultural Society, founded in 1853, held an annual agricultural show, up to the eve of WW2, in the field next to Baligrundle School . The poster for 1930 confirms the scale and ambition of the show:

P1010425 (447x800)

6 classes for horses; 4 for Ayrshire cattle; 3 for Highland cattle; 5 for cross cattle; classes for bulls, calves and collie dogs; 6 for Leicester sheep; 3 for Blackface sheep; and 9 for poultry. Under Farm Produce, there were prizes for butter, scones, oatcakes and eggs. The judges awarded First, Second and Third prizes, as well as “Highly Recommended” if standards were high and the number of entries merited it.

P1010406 (800x515)

Each year there was a full catalogue of entries, and some of the catalogues in the archive include penciled results of the classes. The Society committee had a lot of work to do each year in arranging the event, including securing the attendance of judges from the mainland. John David MacColl, Balnagown, secretary and treasurer, played an important role as organizer for many years

P1010417 (800x600)

CELM is grateful to Archie MacColl for the gift of the records of the Lismore Agricultural Society, which had been carefully looked after by his father.

The Object of the Month for May 2014 shows a photograph of Malcolm MacDonald, who regularly won prizes for his Ayrshire cows. Here is an image from the photograph archive of a young competitor with his prize-winning calf. Very smartly dressed for the show, even with a school cap, he may well have been a visitor to the island. Does anyone know who he is?

db166 (800x570)

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