June 2013


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Comann Eachdraidh Lios Mòr

Lismore Historical Society

A Company limited by guarantee No. SC234832


Minutes of Meeting held in the Library

Thursday 13th June 2013  8.30pm


Present: Directors: Duncan Livingstone (DL), (Chair), Jennifer Baker (JB),Sec, Bob Hay (BH), Katie MacGregor) (KMG), John Livingstone (JL), Memory McDonald (MMD), Duncan Ferguson (DF), Freda Drysdale (FD), Teenie Wilson (TW), Archie MacGillivray (AMG).


Committee Members: , Lorraine King (LK), Margaret McDonald (MD), Nic Jones (NJ).

Barbara McDougall (BMD), Duncan Drysdale (DD) (Treasurer)


Apologies: None


The previous minutes were approved. Prop BH Sec JL


Matters Arising

The certificate for honorary director will be ready next week.


Election of Chairperson

JL proposed Duncan Livingstone, seconded by BH. Unanimous vote by directors in favour.


Election of Committee Members

Being Margaret MacDonald, Barbara MacDougall, Lorraine King, Duncan Drysdale and Nic Jones who were proposed en bloc by BH, seconded by FD. Unanimous vote in favour


New Directors

FD, TW, MMD and DF were welcomed onto the Board.

TW expressed confusion re accounts. As part of the induction process, DD agreed to have a session with new directors re accounts.

TW requested access to the office. All new directors are required to take part in an induction process which will familiarise them with all areas of the museum, archive room, office, library and work of volunteers. A date for this is to be fixed.


Review of the Constitution

DD spoke to this.

It was decided to continue with the Memoranda and Articles unaltered. This has been approved by OSCR, HMRC and the Accreditation body.

There followed lengthy discussion regarding the status of members; notification necessary for AGMs and, as the discussion was proving to be protracted, it was decided to return to some items at a later meeting.

The vote to leave the Mem and Arts unaltered was proposed by FD, seconded by BH, carried unanimously.



All stages of Accreditation have so far been passed. Jenny Siswell from MGS will visit on Wednesday 26th June for the on site inspection. All curators and the Centre Managers will attend. The Accreditation Council will meet on 18th July and INM will be informed of our status soon after that date.

The Committee offered a vote of thanks to BH for the huge volume of work done.


Achinduin Castle

The question of ownership was brought up by TW. The Castle is owned by CELM.

Historic Scotland is proposing changing the designation of the Castle. BH and DD will liaise. JB will reply to the letter from Historic Scotland.



  •  FD, MMD and LK will attend the Gaelic Wool festival in July (18th-20th). They will take CELM leaflets.
  •  The Talk on Old Oban from Bob McCulloch and Charlie Drummond was very well received. 36 attended. LK sent a letter of thanks and a gift. It is hoped that they will return.
  •  It is possible that CELM may be asked to display the replica Book of Kells again (last displayed at INM in 2007). The Board were unaware of this NJ will make contact.
  •  There will be a Murder Mystery Night at the café on June 22nd. 6.30. Tickets £25.00
  •  On Sunday 30th June a youth theatre company from Canada will perform the play “Selkirk’s Nation” at INM and Killandrist. The shop will be open.
  •  20th July Crofters and Crafters Day. 11am-11pm. Murray Willis will provide the music.
  •  After his talk “A People Rude and Barbarous” Iain MacDonald gifted a copy of his book to CELM.
  •  The Friends Day which was initiated last year will be repeated this year. The event was very useful; the recent creation of the post of Historical Recorder has come about as a direct result of that day.



Five Year Forward Plan

JL wished to offer thanks to the compiler BH. All agreed. (It has to be updated at the end of 2014)



  •  LK pointed out that our volunteers are our best asset and CELM has a duty of care. A policy to that effect will be drawn up to be included in the Staff Handbook
  •  More volunteers are needed. Members of the committee were asked to recruit.
  •  Andrew Pearson’s “Clan Slogans and Warcries” has been gifted to the library.
  •  TW suggested that we provide free wifi. The café does not want wifi. It was decided to look at the proposal again when the café changes hands this year.
  •  Margaret Carasik and one scholar from the MacDougall McCallum Foundation will be visiting in late August/early September
  •  The Gaelic Ceilidh is on 17th August. DL will arrange an MC.

NB. TW e-mailed certain suggested amendments and stated that, should any suggestions not be agreed, her dissension be formally noted as a postscript to the minutes.



Meeting finished at 10.05


Date of next meeting. Thursday 11th July 7pm in the library.