July 2013

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Comann Eachdraidh Lios Mòr

    Lismore Historical Society

          A Company limited by guarantee No. SC234832

          AIREAMH CARTHANNAIS/Charity No. SC023503

Minutes of Meeting held in the Library

Thursday 11th July 2013



Present: Directors: Duncan Livingstone (DL), (Chair), Jennifer Baker (JB),Sec, Bob Hay (BH), Katie MacGregor) (KMG), John Livingstone (JL), Memory McDonald (MMD), Duncan Ferguson (DF), Freda Drysdale (FD),

Committee Members: , Lorraine King (LK),  Margaret McDonald (MD), Nic Jones (NJ).

Barbara McDougall (BMD), Duncan Drysdale (DD) (Treasurer)


Cathy Carmichael and Mike Robertson were also in attendance.


Apologies: Teenie Wilson (TW), Archie MacGillivray (AMG).


Previous minutes

FD proposed that the proposal to leave the Memorandum and Articles unchanged was seconded by BH. This was seconded by MMD. Carried by a unanimous vote.

TW pointed out by e-mail that DD was omitted from the list of committee members. This was rectified before the meeting.

TW sent a list of suggested changes to the draft minutes. JL proposed that the minutes should stay unaltered. Seconded by DF. Carried by unanimous vote.

TW wrote in an e-mail to the secretary, “I would like to ask that should any of my suggestions not be agreed, that my dissension be formally noted and recorded as a postscript to the minutes.” The dissension is so noted.


Matters Arising

Re access to the office, BH stated that the Directors of our sister museums, Kilmartin and Dunollie do not have keys to the office or access to details of the day-to-day running of the museums (Dunollie gives a quarterly summary of accounts to Directors).

The Directors have an overview of operations. Their role is strategic.



To general joy, BH told the Board that we are being recommended for Accreditation – the culmination of many years’ work.

The Board expressed their grateful thanks to the Founders – Margaret MacDonald, Cathy Carmichael and Donald Black and also to all those who have worked so hard towards this fantastic achievement.

Margaret MacDonald expressed her gratitude to the present committee for work continued.


Teenie Wilson’s Complaints

Although this was under AOCB in the agenda, it was decided to discuss it earlier to allow Mike Robertson to catch the 8 o’clock ferry.

All members of the Committee who are not Directors left the room while the above was discussed by Directors.

As TW did not attend the meeting our findings will be put in a letter by the secretary and sent to TW and the rest of the Board.


Committee members returned to the meeting.

Mike Robertson left.


Volunteer Interaction

In response to the e-mail sent by TW re an aggrieved, anonymous volunteer who asked her to look into the circumstances leading up to him stopping volunteering, the Committee agreed that CELM should emphasise the importance of making sure that all volunteers read the Handbook and attend the Volunteers’ Training Day which is held annually before the season starts.

The Committee wished to express gratitude and appreciation to all our volunteers for the valuable work they do.


Use of Library

FD suggested that all meetings should be held when the library is closed ie between 9am and 11am. After much discussion re the purpose of the room, it was decided that, as far as possible, the Curators will try to keep to these times.


Honorary Director

BMD showed the beautiful certificate she has created for Duncan MacGregor. The committee thanked her for the huge amount of work involved. She suggested that we produce a basic template for other Honorary Directors. Committee agreed.

The presentation of the certificate will take place in the café on Tuesday 16th July at 10.45. Committee only to attend.


MacDougall MaCallum Foundation

Margaret Carasik and a colleague are visiting in Aug/Sept. They will bring the John MacDougall Bible with them. LK will write to thank.


Study Visit to Kilmartin House Museum

There is a Training Day for Directors at the above venue. Possibly 7th September.

BH will hire a minibus from Flit. Directors will pay a “fare”. BH will check date and time with Dr Sharon Webb our curatorial adviser.


Scrutiny and approval of Recording Release Form

The Recording Release Form is a legal requirement. Helen Crossan will model our Release Form on that of the British Library.

The Directors approved the signing off of same by the Chair. Proposed by JB Seconded MMD. Unanimous vote in favour.


Induction of New Directors

Sessions will be as follows:

Friday 19th July 10am – Finance

Friday 26th July 10am – Collections/ Library.


Timetable of Meetings

DD wondered if it was necessary to have monthly meetings  – would every 2 months be preferable. It was decided to keep to once a month.




BH had a very helpful session with Stephen Green.

BH said that the Adlib laptop is obsolete.

Windows XP will not be supported after 2014.

We need to finance two new computers in order to remain functional (cost – approx £700.00). NJ will bring a proposal to a future meeting.

Helen Crossan recommends a Cloud Account. BH will consult.



  • It was decided to ask Mairi Campbell to be a patron. JB will write.
  • Catherine Gillies has drawn our attention to an Accounts Management System. DD will research information.
  • DD distributed copies of OSCR’s approval of our latest submission.
  • LK spoke to Events: TWTC performed another very successful play on Lismore. £170.00 was made half of which goes to TWTC. We also were given a donation of £100.00 from the Canadian Group.
  • MMD, FD and LK will attend the Woolfest at Benderloch on Thursday 18th July. They will take stock from the shop for sale.
  • Crofters and Crafters Day will be held on 20th July.


Meeting finished at 9.05.


Date of next meeting. Thursday 8th August.