January 2014


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Minutes of Meeting held in the Library

Thursday 16th January 2014



Present: Directors: Duncan Livingstone (DL) (Chair), John Livingstone (JL), Jennifer Baker (JB),(Sec), Bob Hay (BH), Freda Drysdale (FD), Archie MacGillivray (AG), Duncan Ferguson (DF), Katie MacGregor) (KMG),

Committee Members: Lorraine King (LK),  Catherine Gillies (CG), Margaret McDonald (MD).

Maureen Mitchell also attended.


Apologies: Barbara McDougall (BMD), Memory McDonald (MMD), Nic Jones (NJ).


Absent from Meeting without Apologies

Teenie Wilson (TW).


Previous minutes

Approved Proposed MD, seconded BH


Matters Arising

Lord of the Glens. The manager visited the museum and is proposing summer visits. He was extremely impressed by what he saw of the Museum. He plans to bring a bus over to the island to meet passengers from the boat who will disembark at Achnacroish. Dates have been penciled in. JL will ask if they need guides.


Forward Plan

For the museum, cottage and archive is due now. Eventually, the Forward Plan will be for the whole Centre.


Museum Programme

Curators asked for approval for displays which will focus on Homecoming 2014 viz:

  1. Return of the Kicheran Gold and the acquisition of the Iron Age head of the pagan deity found in Port Appin  Prop BH, sec FD. Unanimous vote for.
  2. John MacDugald’s Bible and letters The MacDougall McCallum Foundation will pay for a banner board. Margaret Miller’s book on the Scottish diaspora to US will also be included. Prop JL, sec AG Vote unanimous for.
  3. Archive and objects relating to the return of families to Baligrundle and Craiganich. Prop CH, sec FD. Vote unanimous for.


Recording Memories

Commun na Gaidhlig have invited CELM to make a new application.

Helen Crossan will be paid for a further 3 months (funded by existing grant)

Prop BH sec JL



  • The café has received a request for a birthday party to be held on the premises. As this includes a marquee to be set up in the grounds and as this is a new (and welcome) venture for CELM, the managers will draw up an agreement and cost in line with insurance, to be signed by both parties.
  • The committee would like to invite Caroline Willis to the next meeting to see in what way we can be of help in recording school memories (6th March) JB will contact.
  • James Black, of Lochgilphead, a long time supporter of CELM, is 90 years old soon. A copy of “How an Island Lost its People” and a card will be sent. KMG and BH will attend.
  • CG is presently working on a film based touring exhibition; “Homeland Argyll and Bute” .At the moment it is mostly booked but CELM would, if possible, like to display it. Prop JB sec JL. Vote unanimous for.


Meeting finished at 7.25pm.



Date of Next meeting: 13th February, 6pm.