January 2013

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Comann Eachdraidh Lios Mòr

Lismore Historical Society

A Company limited by guarantee No. SC234832


Draft Minutes of Meeting held in the Library

Friday 18th January 2013

Present: Directors: Duncan Livingstone (Chair), Jennifer Baker (JB),Sec, Duncan Drysdale (DD) Treas, Bob Hay (BH), Archie MacGillivray (AG), Nic Jones (NJ), Katie MacGregor) (KMG),

Committee Members: Freda Drysdale.,

Apologies: Barbara McDougall (BMD), John Livingstone (JL), Lorraine King (LK),

Donald Black (DB), Pauline Dowling (PD), Margaret MacDonald (MD), Memory MacDonald (MMD).

The previous minutes were approved. Prop DD sec NJ

Matters Arising

• Still no word from the Kirk Session re stones.

• A date has to be fixed for Catherine Gillies to visit.

• DL has received a letter from Noelle Odling confirming that the UF Church bell was donated by her family to the museum before the property went on the market in 2006. JB will draft a letter to DGarrett. An Accession Form will be sent to Noelle Odling to complete.


It was decided to approach some well known Scots to ask them to be patrons of the museum. BH will attend.

This led to a discussion re the CELM letter heading which will be updated to include the new logo. LK and NJ will draft a new design.


The deadline has been extended to 25th January. A letter has been sent to Dr Sharon Webb confirming her position as Museum Mentor.


Save for final tweaking, the design of the website is complete. Content is being uploaded. It will be launched in good time for the opening of the new season.

Walkover Archaeology programme

The walkover, led by Douglas Thorburn, will take place on Sunday 20th January at 2pm starting from the Museum. It will last for one hour thirty minutes finishing with tea in the café. Those taking part are asked to bring cameras.


Those who are contributing are asked to give copy to BH asap. JB will report on website launch.


Session 3 starts on Monday 21st January. LK asked that green forms should be returned to Argyll College asap and that fees should be paid before the session starts. Advice was given re the sourcing of grants.


Lesley Hamilton will be the new shop manager. A meeting will be arranged with Ina, DD and NJ.


• Dates: AGM – Sat 25th May, Gaelic Ceilidh – Fri 23rd August, Whist Drive – Sat. 21st Sept.

• FD is confirmed as a committee member

• A major clean up of the archive room is necessary. BH will ask for volunteers.

Meeting finished at 8.25.

Next meeting Thursday 21st Feb.