February 2014 Minutes


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Comann Eachdraidh Lios Mòr

                       Lismore Historical Society

          A Company limited by guarantee No. SC234832

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Minutes of Meeting held in the Library

Thursday 13th February 2014



Present: Directors: Duncan Livingstone (DL) (Chair), John Livingstone (JL), Jennifer Baker (JB),(Sec), Bob Hay (BH), Freda Drysdale (FD), Archie MacGillivray (AG), Duncan Ferguson (DF), Memory McDonald (MMD),

Committee Members: Margaret McDonald (MD).



Apologies: Katie MacGregor) (KMG), Lorraine King (LK),  Catherine Gillies (CG),  Nic Jones (NJ).


Absent from Meeting without Apologies

Teenie Wilson (TW).


Previous minutes

Approved Proposed FD, seconded BH


Matters Arising

1)    BH asked for response to the Forward Plan ASAP

2)    Re guides for the visit from The Lord of the Glens, JL said that the Captain’s wife is a guide. CELM offers help if needed.

3)    The Viking gold will not be returned to the museum until 1st June. The Iron Age head is too heavy for a case so a perspex box will be built to house it.

4)    The John MacDugald banner has been drafted. The MacDougall McCallum Foundation is delighted to fund it as this year’s project.

5)    A copy of ‘How an Island Lost its People’ and a card has been sent to James Black to celebrate his 90th birthday.


Community Trust

AMG said he had consulted with Bob Davies and that the Community Trust had not agreed to have a representative from CELM on the committee.

As AMG is already a member of the Trust, CELM agreed that an extra member would be unnecessary. AMG agreed to be our representative. (Prop by BH, sec FD. Unanimous vote for.)


Finance Subcommittee Update

DF and LK have agreed to act as joint treasurer until such time as a new treasurer will be appointed. DD is dealing with the book keeping for the duration. DD, DF and LK will meet tomorrow (14th)


Wifi Access for Café

It was agreed that the above will go ahead subject to security issues being clarified. As there is already free wifi in the library, no problems are anticipated.


Lighting Report

DF reported back. The museum lights use a great deal of power. The Board/committee agreed that to have the museum lights off was unwelcoming. DF  suggested that a sensor would utilise the lighting more efficiently. DF will research. Prop JB, sec MMD. Unanimous vote.


Memories Evening in the Café

Caroline Willis outlined the structure of the evening which will be on the 8th of March. It will be an informal gathering where islanders can swap and produce memories for the Heritage Centre. Helen and Andy Crossan will do video and audio recordings. There will be real time pick up with people in other countries using Face Time and photographs will be taken of the people present to add to the Lismore Faces Collection. Lismore Faces will also run on a loop.

Unfortunately, due to our accredited status, there can be no food or drink in the museum room which the curators will prepare for the evening.

JB prop, sec by FD,a huge vote of thanks to Caroline for organising the evening and expressed a hope that it would be the first of other island projects utilising the Centre.



  • MMD suggested that, as volunteer information is very pertinent to the business of CELM, Maureen Mitchell (who is also our representative on the Museums’ Forum) should be a member of the committee. The committee agreed and voted unanimously for. (Prop FD, sec. JL). MMD will contact Maureen.
  • JB suggested that CELM should send a gift to Kirsty Stewart, archivist, who, yesterday, gave birth to twins, ten weeks prematurely. All agreed that a copy of ‘How an Island Lost it People’ and a card should be sent. JB will attend.
  • The shop will be open on Tuesdays when there are volunteers available.
  • BH handed round copies of the new booklet ‘Archeological Walks’ which has been beautifully illustrated by Gill Bridle. As Gill has very kindly donated the copyright to CELM it was decided to have CELM cards made to be sold in the shop. BH will liaise with Lesley Hamilton re sourcing and pricing. (prop BH, sec FD.)
  • Donald Black Exhibition. The question of copyright of Donald’s paintings was raised. Investigation needed . prop BH sec JB Unanimous vote. FD will ask Douglas Breingan to curate the exhibition.


Meeting finished at 6.58pm



Date of Next meeting: 13th March 6pm