Dunollie’s New Routes’ Visit December 2018

On Wednesday 12 December, Lismore Gaelic Heritage Centre welcomed nine members of the Dunollie’s New Routes Group who were able to experience a great deal of Lismore,  despite one day not being not long enough to see the complete range of the island’s enterprising projects and historical monuments. They did though see a permaculture project, the innovative Isle of Lismore Tea growing at Baleveolan Croft, the medieval graveslabs mounted outside the Lismore Church, then to Port Ramsay, home of the limekilns and the still occupied 19th century cottages. After lunch at the Heritage Centre and a visit to the Museum and Cottars cottage,  the group attended a craft workshop and made willow stars.

Eilidh, Mark, Iain, Diane, David, Davey, Hennock, Ali and Neil said they thoroughly enjoyed the day . We hope they will come next year.