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LISDD:2014.212, Gunpowder Flask from Balimakillichan (25cm long)

Object of the Month: June 2016

Gunpowder Flasks Before the introduction of manufactured cartridges and bullets from the mid-19th century, powder flasks were required to deliver gunpowder down the barrel of muzzle-loading guns.   The ball, bullet or shot was then driven into place with a ramrod, and secured with a cloth wad.  The process was slow and could be dangerous, especially […]

Duncan MacCormick's Watch Chain LISDD2010-156

Object of the Month: May 2016

Duncan MacCormick’s Watch Chain LISDD:2010.156 Gold watch chain of twisted oval links, connected to an oval commemorative medal inscribed on one side with the initials DMC and on the other:  “Presented to Duncan MacCormick from his friends & well wishers in Lismore.  22 August 1908” Duncan MacCormick, son of James and Jessie MacCormick, tenants in […]

Object of the Month April 2016

Victorian Bibles It was not until 1801 that a full translation of the bible into Gaelic, by the Rev John Stuart of Luss, was published but, by the time that Victoria ascended to the throne, even if there were no other books in a West Highland household, there would always be a bible, normally in […]

Taynuilt Games 1946

Object of the Month: March 2016

Rationing in the 1940s (LISDD:2012.Q) With the loss of 563 merchant vessels by U-boat attack in 1940, the British Government introduced food and fuel rationing. The need to grow more at home and conserve imported food became even more important by 1942, when 1322 ships were lost in the Battle of the Atlantic. Ration books […]

View Across Broch to Eilean Dubh

Object of the Month: February 2016

Items from Tirfuir Broch As part of the Lismore Landscape Project, Dr Ewan Campbell and colleagues from the Department of Archaeology, University of Glasgow, excavated areas of the interior and surrounds of Tirfuir Broch in 2004-5. At the level of the foundations, they uncovered the most significant find: an enamelled copper alloy bow brooch that […]

Petrol Smoothing Iron (length 225mm) LISDD:2010.158

Object of the Month: January 2016

Smoothing Irons The museum has a collection of four smoothing irons, which demonstrate different approaches to ironing clothes and bed sheets before the arrival of mains electricity in 1970. Up to the early twentieth century, the iron itself or a metal “slug”, which fitted into the body of the iron, was heated by the household […]