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Clachan Smiddy

The Single Horn Anvil from the Clachan Smiddy. This anvil (height 31.5 cm, overall length of working surface including the horn 54.3 cm) is from the MacPherson smiddy at Clachan.  Tools from the smiddy and metal objects made by the blacksmiths are on display in the museum.   Island-made iron items displayed in the museum Clachan […]

Building Lismore Public Hall

LISDD: 2012.169.   Documents relating to the Building of the Lismore Public Hall, 1928 The Lismore Museum archive contains a wide range of items that have been, and still are, important to the story of Lismore.  Although less appealing visually, they are of great value to the community and to students of local history. In the […]

World War II defences

During World War II Oban Bay was an important base for the assembly of Arctic Convoys and for the War in the Atlantic.  There was a complex set of signaling stations and submarine detectors, but a raid in December 1940 by German bombers, which resulted in the loss of at least one ship,  convinced the […]

Box Brownies

The camera above is a Six-20 Brownie Model C Box Camera LISDD:2006.65. Brownie Box cameras were first introduced by Eastman Kodak in 1900.  At a price of $1, they made photography available to everyone, and helped to transform lives.  The controls were very simple and it was not necessary to do complicated calculations of shutter […]

Bronze Age Archaeology

There is a wealth of Bronze Age archaeology on Lismore (cairns and cists) but we have to look for less obvious traces of the first farmers of the New Stone Age (around 3,500-2,000BC).  Several cup marked stones, including the great broken boulder at Cloichlea, may date from that time, and peat cores from Lismore lochs […]

Baligrundle Church

The image above shows the Manse and Church on a postcard dated 1904. Scottish Presbyterians developed schism to a fine art in the 18th and 19th centuries, with groups falling out and rejoining over different points of doctrine but principally about the right of the local landlord, rather than the congregation itself, to appoint the […]