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LISDD:2006.67 Viva-Tonal Grafonola

Object of the Month: November 2017

Gramophones The object collection includes two gramophones/record players, which played an important part in the social life of the island. Wind-up Grafonolas, designed to play 78rpm disc records (mostly shellac), were made in England by the Columbia Graphophone Company from the early years of the 20thC. This Viva-Tonal Grafonola, with an integral loudspeaker, was probably […]

Object of the month: October 2017

Lismore Post : Before the introduction of the universal (prepaid) penny post in 1840, the nearest Post Office, in Appin, received mail from the south via Inveraray or Bonawe three times a week. It is not certain how people on Lismore received their mail as it had to be paid for by the recipient. Surviving letters […]

LISDD:2006.60 General Gordon Clay Pipe

Object of the Month: September 2017

Clay Pipes (LISDD:2006.59-61) Until well into the 20th century, it was common to be provided with a clay pipe when buying a packet of pipe tobacco, although most better-off smokers in Britain would use a briar pipe. Pipe smoking in general, and the use of clay pipes in particular, declined rapidly from the 1920s to […]

Detail of LISDD.2006.50 Powerloom Damascene weave, late 19thC

Object of the Month: August 2017

Flax and Linen With the intention of enhancing the income from his Lismore estate, and generating additional employment, Duncan Campbell of Glenure (1716-84) secured funds from the Trustees for Fisheries, Manufactures and Improvement in Scotland to provide flax seed for Lismore farmers, and training in processing the crops; to support the setting up of a […]

Object of the Month, July 2017

LISDD:2006.34 & 35 Cast Iron Hanging Plate Girdles   LISDD:2016.35 Griddle with hinged handle, base diameter 300mm   LISDD:2016.34 Griddle with hinged handle and ring, base diameter 360mm. From Port Ramsay.  Every house on Lismore would have had at least one traditional Scottish (or Irish) hanging plate griddle or girdle (Gaelic grideal), with a hinged […]