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The Peggy Wreck Bottle. ht 26.5 cm dia 9 cm

Object of the Month: May 2017

The Peggy Wreck Bottle Its rock bound coast and many skerries meant that Lismore was the scene of many wrecks in the days of sail, to the extent that there was allowance for “wreck money” in the rents on the Campbell of Airds estate. In the winter of 1742/43 the London, carrying 700 hogsheads of […]

The ruined township of Cloichlea, with the broken grey stone to the right

Object of the Month: March 2017

Cup-Marked Stone Rock art in the form of cup or cup and ring marks has been found across Europe, with particularly fine examples in Spain, France and Italy. Nearly every year new examples are found in Scotland, particularly in Kilmartin Glen. It is thought that rock art of this kind, made by pecking with with […]

The Hawthorn House Cradle (LISDD:2014.210). Bed dimensions 90cm x 47cm x 27cm

Object of the Month: February 2017

The Hawthorn House Cradle Some time between 1823 and 1841, Archibald Stewart, cotter and shoemaker on Baleveolan, died leaving his wife Mary a widow.  Although poor in material resources, Mary was surrounded by Stewart and Livingstone kinsfolk;  she, herself was the daughter of two Stewarts: John Stewart, piper in Baligarve  and Anne Stewart.  Needing to […]

Rev Gregor McGregor’s Private Register (Wedding 62)

Object of the Month: January 2017

Rev Gregor McGregor’s Private Register 1836-1863 (on long term loan from Lismore Parish Church) LISDD:2008.A12 Rev Gregor MacGregor, born in Rannoch in 1797 and educated at St Andrews University, was chosen, in 1836, to be the minister of Lismore and Appin Parish, which, at that time, stretched into Glencoe and included parts of Morvern. He […]

LISDD:2006.125 Profile moulding 27cm x 21cm x 20cm

Object of the Month: December 2016

Profile Moulding from the Nave of Lismore Cathedral LISDD:2006.125 Although there is general agreement that the choir/chancel of the Cathedral of Argyll on Lismore dates from the 13th Century, the date of completion of the nave and tower is uncertain. It is hoped that the radiocarbon dating of the nave mortar exposed during the 2016 […]

LISDD:2009.N1 Duncan McDonald, North Mountain, West Bay, Cape Breton Island to Gilbert McDonald, Frackersaig, Lismore. 10 March 1847

Object of the Month: November 2016

The Cape Breton Emigrant Letters 1847-59 LISDD:2009.N1-7 Eighteenth century emigrants from Lismore went mainly to the United States of America, to the Carolinas and New York State. This wave of emigration was stopped by the War of Independence and the Napoleonic Wars; but, once peace was restored, the movement was predominantly to Canada, at first […]