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Saturday Nights at the Heritage Centre 2019

The Comann Eachdraidh is planning a series of monthly talks at the Heritage Centre, not only on heritage topics, but also on activities that are of general interest to islanders.  Each evening will begin at 7.30 and after the talks the Centre bar will be open for informal discussion to take place.  We have chosen […]

Dunollie’s New Routes’ Visit December 2018

On Wednesday 12 December, Lismore Gaelic Heritage Centre welcomed nine members of the Dunollie’s New Routes Group who were able to experience a great deal of Lismore,  despite one day not being not long enough to see the complete range of the island’s enterprising projects and historical monuments. They did though see a permaculture project, […]

Fèis an Foghair

’S e latha cudromach a th’ann an foghair dhan a Ghàidheil agus muinntir an eilean sa latha an diugh. Fhathast cudromach air sgàth ’s gu bheil sin an àm gu bheil na buntataichean deiseal agus na uamhan a’ dol dhan a mhairgead. Tron a bliadhnaichean air eilean Lios mòr tha traidiseantan cudromach ceangailte ri foghair […]

Storage for Lismore Heritage Centre Collection 21.11.18

Report on the Completion of the Project “funded by grants from Museums Galleries Scotland and the Association of Independent Museums (Pilgrim Trust)   The museum in Lismore Heritage Centre risked losing its Accredited Status because of its cramped and inadequate archive and objects storage room. There was very little space to work on or study […]

Object of the Month, November 2018  

Fishing Net Buoy (LISDD:2017. 236).   Radius of leather buoy (distorted) around 15cm. Wooden disc radius 9cm, thickness 3.6cm.  This object is one of many from Lismore, looked after by the Balnagown/ Balimakillichan MacColls, and generously given by the family to CELM. Donated by John Norris, Aberchirder, it was described by his brother-in-law Archie MacColl […]

The Geology of Lismore

“The Geology of Lismore. How Limestone Affects its Nature and Agriculture.” Thanks to Bob Hay for a fascinating talk and to the audience for equally fascinating participation. A great evening all round. Later we all enjoyed cakes and ale and chat. Watch this space for more such events over the winter Many thanks too to […]