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Annual General Meeting June 2019

  Comann Eachdraidh Lios Mòr   ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING   Sunday 30th June 2019 at 3.30 pm   In the Museum Room followed immediately by Taic Comann Eachdraidh Lios Mòr AGM   All welcome Lismore Historical Society           A Company limited by guarantee No. SC234832           AIREAMH CARTHANNAIS/Charity No. SC023503

Saturday Nights at the Heritage Centre “Homing in” on Moluag’s Monastery 4 May 2019.  7.30 pm.   In the Museum Room An exciting Double Bill with: Clare Ellis, Argyll Archaeology, reporting on the 7th Century and other finds in the Early Church Cemetery during the Community Archaeology in 2018 and The Rose Geophysical Consultants from Orkney, […]

Saturday Nights at the Heritage Centre

Building Survey & Materials Analysis at Lismore Cathedral. 13 April 2019.  7.30 pm.   In the Museum Room Discussion in the bar afterwards Mark Thacker from the University of Stirling returns to Lismore to bring us up to date with what he has learned from his painstaking studies of the mortar in our medieval buildings.  He […]

Archaeological Breakthrough

Press Release from Argyll Archaeology Clare Ellis BA, PhD, MIFA, FSA Scot Archaeological Breakthrough on the Isle of Lismore: Early Medieval Burial provides evidence for St. Moluag’s Monastery Tradition has it that St Moluag came from Ireland in AD562 to found a monastery on Lismore a year before his more famous contemporary, St Columba, founded […]