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Community Archaeology on Lismore

Work in Progress  Robert Hay     The area on Lismore around the Parish Church is one of the most neglected heritage sites in Scotland. There has been no serious archaeology of what is considered to be the monastic headquarters of the 6th century mission work of Moluag – who may have been as important […]

Object of the month: October 2017

Lismore Post : Before the introduction of the universal (prepaid) penny post in 1840, the nearest Post Office, in Appin, received mail from the south via Inveraray or Bonawe three times a week. It is not certain how people on Lismore received their mail as it had to be paid for by the recipient. Surviving letters […]


The weekend is approaching fast. Tickets for individual events are available from the museum and, of course, you will be able to purchase at the door. But remember – some events will be very popular! Full weekend tickets available from (lismore taproot) £75.00 Individual events £10.00. £6.00 concessions Keep an eye on FBs ‘Lismore […]

LISDD:2006.60 General Gordon Clay Pipe

Object of the Month: September 2017

Clay Pipes (LISDD:2006.59-61) Until well into the 20th century, it was common to be provided with a clay pipe when buying a packet of pipe tobacco, although most better-off smokers in Britain would use a briar pipe. Pipe smoking in general, and the use of clay pipes in particular, declined rapidly from the 1920s to […]