Book Week Literary Dinner (2016)

On Thursday evening 8th September  a delicious meal was shopped for,  prepared,  cooked and served in the cafe by volunteers of the Heritage Centre. It was amazing. We chose from on: Maw Broon’s Cottage Pie, Fine Scottish minced beef with Creamy Mash Topping, Paw Broon’s Flat Cap Fish Pie, Scottish  Smoked Haddock and Prawns in a leek and white sauce with creamy mash topping, Horaces’ Vegetarian Shepherds Pie and Savoury brown lentil and vegetables with creamy mash topping. And that was served with Lismore steamed Cabbage, honey roast carrot and parsnip minted peas.

To follow  Tipsy Laird,  Chocolate and Orange Mousse, or Mixed Fruit Crumble and Custard.

A huge thank you to what was a quite large team from some of the grateful recipients.





By coincidence it was also Richard Fowler’s  ( Point Cottage) birthday and a cake appeared.