August 2014 Minutes


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Comann Eachdraidh Lios Mòr


Taic Comann Eachdraidh Lios Mòr

                       Lismore Historical Society

          A Company limited by guarantee No. SC234832

          AIREAMH CARTHANNAIS/Charity No. SC023503

Draft Minutes of Meeting held in the Museum Room

Thursday 3rd July 2014 6pm


Present: Directors : Bob Hay (BH) (Chair), Jennifer Baker (JB),(Sec) (Taic&CELM),  Anne MacLean (AL), (Treas), Archie MacGillivray (AG), Memory McDonald (MMD), Katie MacGregor) (KMG), Freda Drysdale (FD), Douglas Breingan (DB), Stuart Ross (SR) (Taic), Margaret MacColl, (KM), Iain MacNichol (IM), Lesley Hamilton (LH), Duncan Ferguson (DF) (Taic).

Committee Members: Duncan Livingstone (DL), Lorraine King (LK), Nic Jones (NJ), Margaret MacDonald (MD)


Cathy Carmichael and Duncan Drysdale (DD) (Co.Sec) also attended


Apologies: Beathag Mh (BMH), Helen Crossan (HC)


Previous minutes

Proposed MMD. Seconded FD.


Matters Arising

Phase 1 of  Helen Crossan’s project has come to an end but Helen will continue on a voluntary basis.She will be holding a Gaelic Seminar as part of the Book Week in October.

Bord na Gaidhlig has funded a study of variations in Gaelic language. (£4000).


New Directors

The new Directors were warmly welcomed and grateful thanks were given to two very long serving Directors who are retiring, Duncan Livingstone and John Livingstone.

DD asked the new Directors to provide him with their details for Companies House.

BH proposed the co-option of Helen Crossan as a Director of CELM. There was a unanimous vote from all present. JB will contact BMH for her vote.

The Induction Days will be in August. The first, Finance, will be held before the next full meeting. As the Centre is currently operating at a loss, development is urgently needed. Finance for a manager and treasurer is priority.

Thanks were offered to KM for taking over Fire Drill and also for the event to be held on 12th July.


Just Enterprise Recommendations

  • A new Constitution to be drawn up
  • Strategic analysis to be done (see May minutes)
  • Start moving forward with a Business Plan for funding



IT facilities need immediate attention – present equipment is not fit for purpose.

A budget is needed for new hardware.

Some ideas were put forward:

Office, museum room, shop and library to be linked.

IT firms in Oban, MGS and AIM were suggested as source for advice.

HC to be consulted re Dropbox.

BH and AL will research.


Oban Games

JL,SR,DF and DL will attend.


Shop Till

The meeting felt that the daily check which has been suggested is too great a burden on volunteers. In the light of this the following decisions were made:

  • KM will count out float daily.
  • AL will check other monies.
  • AL will give a monthly finance report.
  • LH will give a monthly shop report.



  • The issue of payment for the land at Achinduin was discussed. At present CELM is receiving no payment for the land. It is costing CELM £170 p/y insurance. SR will write requesting Iris MacColl to come to the next meeting (which will be Directors only) to discuss the present situation which the museum cannot sustain.
  • PRS License is £300-£400 p/y and is underused. Payment has been made for this year. Further discussion is needed before next year’s payment.
  • Hopefully Just Enterprise will advise re the roof. Failing that, DB will investigate.
  • DL will get singers for the Gaelic Ceilidh – Sat 30th August. JB will book the hall.
  • Members – MMD reported a donation of £100 from Mrs Grant on Iona and £300 from a new life member plus company. Letters of thanks have been sent.
  • The new print of 500 Archeological Walks Leaflet has been ordered. They will retail at £2.50.
  • Historic Scotland has pledged 60% of the £40.000 needed for the raising, conserving, displaying and interpreting of the medieval gravestones. A reapplication will be made to the Heritage Lottery Fund. Details are on the website.
  • MMD stated that Mrs May Grant donated £100 to CELM and that a new life member donated £200 and also his Company took affiliation.


Meeting finished at 7.30.

Date of next meeting Thursday 14th August.