August 2013


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Comann Eachdraidh Lios Mòr

                        Lismore Historical Society

          A Company limited by guarantee No. SC234832

          AIREAMH CARTHANNAIS/Charity No. SC023503

Minutes of Meeting held in the Library

Thursday 8th August 2013



Present: Directors: Duncan Livingstone (DL), (Chair), Jennifer Baker (JB),Sec, Bob Hay (BH), Freda Drysdale (FD), Archie MacGillivray (AMG).


Committee Members: , Lorraine King (LK),  Nic Jones (NJ).

Barbara McDougall (BMD), Duncan Drysdale (DD) (Treasurer)


Apologies: Teenie Wilson (TW), Katie MacGregor) (KMG), John Livingstone (JL), Memory McDonald (MMD), Duncan Ferguson (DF), Margaret McDonald (MD).


Previous minutes

Approval proposed by FD, seconded by BH. Carried by unanimous vote


Matters Arising

Accreditation. BH displayed the Certificate of Accreditation. To applause.

At the request of MGS, BH went to Edinburgh to discuss implications for funding.


1)    That we should make application for funding under The Small Projects Fund for armored cases to house returned objects eg the Viking gold. Proposed by JB seconded by FD. Carried by unanimous vote.

2)    MGS would be willing to consider part funding a new study area. CELM have a year to prepare for this. We have to establish a need so we must log the use of the library for research, teaching etc. The Board agreed in principle to making a bid for a new study area under Capital Fund (MGS).


Plans were made for an Accreditation Celebration in the café. It was decided that Wednesday 28th August would be good as weekends in the summer are usually full for many members and the committee felt that the celebration should be soon. JB and LK will organise


The Heritage Recording Document

The above was formally approved. Proposed BH, seconded FD. Carried by unanimous vote.


Response to Complaints

BH read the following e-mail that was sent to all new directors and which will answer the concerns (a summary of which had been requested by the secretary) that TW outlined in her letter dated 31st July.

This information accompanies the agenda, which will be coming out after the deadline of today.


At the first induction meeting on Friday 19 July, there was a full discussion of the CELM accounts.  It was agreed by DD, BH and the new directors, to ask the next CELM directors meeting to consider the following changes to the accounts:

  • · include a breakdown of income (individual grants, museum donations, other donations) (on the P&L page)
  • · give an indication of the amount, in the end of year balance, which is earmarked for particular activities (grants) (in the notes to the balance sheet)
  • · include a note on the amount spent by the curators (out of their £2,000 allowance) (on the P&L page).

Duncan Drysdale has indicated that he has no objection to any director having access to the paperwork he sends to the auditor at the end of the financial year.


BH proposed that we institute these changes, FD seconded. Carried by unanimous vote.


In the above mentioned letter TW indicated that copies of her letter had been sent to Companies House, OSCR, and Museums GalleriesScotland. Accordingly, CELM sought advice from OSCR and also consulted MGS.

TW stated in an e-mail dated 6th August that she had decided not to inform these bodies. CELM will inform OSCR and MGS of this.


Assistant Curator

LK proffered heartfelt thanks to the curators and librarian for the help and support she had received as Assistant Curator and stated that she was delighted to continue working at INM in the shared post of Centre Manager.

BMD made particular thanks to LK.

The Chair expressed thanks on behalf of CELM.


BOS Account

The BOS account to be closed; transfer to Clydesdale Proposed BH, seconded FD. Carried by unanimous vote.


Co-option of new Director

The Board agreed, subject to the approval of the Directors who were unable to attend the meeting, to ask Catherine Gillies to join the Board. Her museum qualifications, funding experience and knowledge of Lismore museum and archive would be invaluable to our development. Proposed JB, seconded BH.


Electronic recording of meetings

After discussion, it was decided to reconsider the above in one year or earlier if required.


MacDougall McCallum Foundation

JB enquired as to what work the visiting representatives could do. It was decided that they could assist in the creation of a display of the John MacDougall archive. JB will e-mail the information.


Commemoration of original cottage funding

FD felt that there should be a commemoration of the original funders and suggested a plaque for the cottage wall. DD will make a plastic plaque outlining the story of the cottage and the logos. LK will send logos to DD.



CELM took a stall at the Woolfest which proved to be an excellent day providing good publicity for the Centre. £40.00 was made.

The double spindle flax wheel created special interest.


Crofters and Crafters Day

Another great success and very well attended by both locals and visitors. Money from the raffle and the hire of tables amounted to £272.00. £75.00 was donated to The Waulking Singers. Excellent photographs were taken by Pauline Dowling for FB and the website.



BBC – Paul Murton, after a bicycle accident which delayed filming, did not attend the museum as expected although a last minute request for photographs of Salen was attended to by BH.

Caledonian TV – a charming group – filmed throughout the island including the Church, graveyard and Alexander Carmichael’s house.

BBC Alba – Andreas Wolfe is coming on Thursday 27th August for a programme which will feature the economy of the island.


Study Visit to Kilmartin House Museum

7th September. Open to Directors, volunteers, curators and librarian. Cost is £10.00 p/h with places on the bus for 13.



Historic Scotland are coming to evaluate the condition of the stones.

Mary MacDougall, Donny MacCormick, John Livingstone and Bob Hay will attend. Anyone else who wishes to attend is very welcome.


Museum Grounds.

BMD suggested that there should be a planned programme of meadow flower plantings.

BH suggested a working party for the roof. JB will put on the agenda for Taic.



  • 13 café information packs have been sent out. The closing date for applications is 14th Aug.
  • A recent meeting with Calmac Tourist Officer resulted in an advertisement for the Centre in their e-brochure which is read by 79,000 people. A programme of advertising for the future is work in progress. They will also advertise us at their summer road show.
  • It was proposed by BH, seconded by FD that we should continue with the support of Andy Walters for a further twelve months which will cost £125.00. Carried by unanimous vote. JB stated that he provides an excellent – and instant – level of support.
  • A visitor who works for CNAG urged CELM to apply for funding for signage, postage etc which is available for centres such as ours. It was suggested that we should apply for funding for a new leaflet. BH will contact CNAG.
  • DD distributed a brief summary of accounts as at 7/8/2013. The committee offered thanks to DD for the extra work involved.
  • BMD informed the committee that LK had agreed to be the named person for A&B public library. The committee thanked LK for taking this over and BMD for the huge amount of work she has done in this field over the years. BMD thanked FD, DD and LK for help with the organisation of books.
  • BH asked the website to edit Wikipedia as it contained inaccuracies. Will be discussed at the next website meeting.
  • NJ informed the committee that although the national statistics reveal that visitors to museums are significantly down, CELM’s are up by 63% on 2013 already. Thanks were offered to NJ for researching these good figures.
  • It was proposed by JB and seconded by DL that we should purchase a pop-up banner for off-site events. Carried by unanimous vote.
  • Gaelic Ceilidh 17th August, 7.30. Charge for adults £6.00, children under 16 £3.00.
  • DL requested raffle prizes and food (sandwiches etc.) from the committee members. Katy Crossan will be MC. Thanks are due to her for this.


Meeting finished at 8.05


Date of next meeting: Thursday 19th September 6pm in the library.