2015 April Minutes


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Draft Minutes of Meeting held in the Library

Thursday 23rd April 2015



Present: Directors : Iain MacNichol (IM), (Chair), Jennifer Baker (JB),(Sec) (Taic&CELM),  Bob Hay (BH),  Memory McDonald (MMD), Lesley Hamilton (LH), Helen Crossan (HC).

Committee Members: Margaret MacDonald (MD), Maureen Mitchell (MM), Noelle Odling (NO).

Apologies: Katie MacGregor) (KMG), Freda Drysdale (FD), Duncan Drysdale (DD).

Duncan Ferguson (DF),  Duncan Livingstone, Ann MacLean Fleming (AF).

Previous minutes

In the interests of good governance, it was decided that previous minutes should be examined/amended paragraph by paragraph at the meeting instead of in advance of the meeting as has been the custom. This was duly done.

Matters Arising

The Newsletter is in process of distribution. Some members have already received a copy. 

Community Trust

The Community Trust invited Iris Piers to their training day entitled “Co-operation”.

The day was a success and CELM looks forward to closer links with the Community Trust.


IM has requested the letter re grazing of the land. Still to be received.

Latha na Gàidhlig

Saturday 2nd April 10.00 – 16.00. HC spoke to this item. Speakers to include:

  •  Dr Pavel Iosad and Dr Michael Ramsammy, (University of Edinburgh) who will talk about the results of their research last year on pre-aspiration in Lismore Gaelic, and on Why linguists should care about Argyll Gaelic;
  •  Ailean Boyd, who will talk about Tiree Gaelic;
  •  Alastair Scouller, who on The Gaelic of Colonsay;
  •  Paddy McNicol, who will give his Observations on Lismore Gaelic. 

This will be followed by “A Trip Down Memory Lane” an opportunity to browse the huge archive of photographs held at CELM; to donate images that you may have and/or to identify people and places in our collection.”

Short, informal ceilidh to follow in the evening.

Request (agreed) for small sum of money to offer those coming along with photographs a free tea or coffee.  Kiki, Liosbeag Café, has given us a price of £1.50 per head up to a maximum of 50 (£75.00 max).

Request for volunteers to scan and fill forms made at this time.

Volunteers Day

MM reported that the Volunteers’ Day was a success with a very good turnout.

At the moment there are not enough volunteers to fill 14 slots but the situation will improve after lambing. We are, however, still seeking more volunteers.

Building Maintenance

The Board offers grateful thanks to Duncan Ferguson for his tireless work in this area.

We still await the engineer for heating and café equipment.

A new food mixer and water pump have been purchased.


The Board is now satisfied that all rent is up to date.

It is to be noted that the electricity was never overdue by the time stated in previous minutes ie. 14 months. The Board apologises for any distress caused by this minute.  

Treasurer’s Report for Period 01.01.2015 to 23.04.2015 

NO spoke to this item.

New spreadsheets, which were approved by the Board, have been introduced in the interests of clarity.

A legacy of between £5.000 and £5500 has been received from Dr Eileen Mairi MacColl late of Killin. JB will reply to the Solicitors’ letter. This, along with the 100 Club, which is, at present, standing at 72 names, will ease financial problems for this year.

Many thanks were offered to Noelle for a clear and concise report.

The following very important statement has been agreed with our former Treasurer, Ann MacLean Fleming:

The Board make no implication of any wrongdoing by Ann MacLean Fleming and we appreciate her year as Treasurer for the Comann Eachdraidh and hope that she will continue to be a valued Board member of CELM. 


IM contacted Martin Arnold, Community transport for Argyll and Bute. He recommended that CELM apply for a grant which will allow CELM to use the school bus when not being used by the school. Sec BH Unanimous (and joyful) vote in favour. IM will draft a letter. 

New Constitution

Is published on the website. 

Appin Historical Society

HC has donated her fee for a talk to the above to CELM. Many thanks were offered


John Lewis make charitable donations in the form of a grant and/or donation of ex display equipment/shop fittings, to various community based resources/projects. Lesley is currently enquiring if this is something that the Comann Eachdraidh could be considered for.  Lesley will pursue this and keep the board updated on any progress.

She also drew the Board’s attention to the 5p carrier bag charge which shops are obliged to pay to charity. Enquiries will be made at Tesco’s etc.



Meeting closed at 8.10.

Next meeting: Thursday 28th May. 6pm in the Museum Room.