Taic AGM 2013


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Taic ComannEachdraidh Lios Mòr

          A Company limited by guarantee No. SC234832

          AIREAMH CARTHANNAIS/Charity No. SC023503


Draft Minutes for Annual General Meeting

Saturday 25th May 2013

After CELM AGM, Museum Room


Present. Directors, Archie MacColl (Chair), Duncan Drysdale (Treas),  Jennifer Baker (Sec), Stuart Ross.

Committee. Nic Jones.


Archie MacGillivray, Bob Hay, John Livingstone, Duncan Livingstone Margaret MacDonald, Barbara McDougall, Lorraine King, Freda Drysdale, Duncan Ferguson. Memory McDonald, Iain MacKinnon, Teenie Wilson, Ali Cunningham, Anne Livingstone, Julian Wormleighton, Carol Wormleighton, , Sebastian Tombs, Catriona White, David Gloag, Dorothy Livingstone, Rev Roderick Campbell.



Lorraine King, Peggy Nicholson


Minutes of AGM 2012:

Approval of the minutes was proposed by Julian Wormleighton, seconded by Ian MacKinnon.


Chairperson’s Report

Archie MacColl presented the report during which he thanked Davy Meddes for work done on the Cottage roof and Stephen Green for work on computers and electrics. He expressed regret for the latter’s decision to leave the Centre.

He explained that work on the roof and the heating system was ongoing.



Treasurer’s Report.

The Treasurer presented his report giving special thanks to Ina MacColl for her sterling work in the shop and the help that she has given him.

He submitted the accounts for approval. Seconded by Ian MacKinnon.

Duncan Drysdale proposed that James Gunn, Chartered Accountants should be reappointed as Independent Examiners. Seconded by Archie MacColl; agreed by the meeting.


Archie MacColl (Chair) concluded the meeting.