2014 August Minutes



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Comann Eachdraidh Lios Mòr


Taic Comann Eachdraidh Lios Mòr

                       Lismore Historical Society

          A Company limited by guarantee No. SC234832

          AIREAMH CARTHANNAIS/Charity No. SC023503

Minutes of Meeting held in the Museum Room

Thursday 14th August 2014 6pm


Present: Directors : Stuart  Ross (Chair) (Taic), Ann MacLean (AL), (Treas),  Memory McDonald (MMD), Freda Drysdale (FD), Margaret MacColl, (KM), Duncan Ferguson (DF) (Taic). Bob Hay.

Committee Members: Duncan Livingstone (DL), Lorraine King (LK), Margaret MacDonald (MD) Maureen Mitchell (MM) John Livingstone

Duncan Drysdale (DD) (Co.Sec) also attended

Mrs. Iris MacColl also attended by invitation to discuss Achinduin only.

1) Apologies: Beathag Mhoireasdan (BMH), Helen Crossan (HC) Jennifer Baker (JB), Sec. (Taic&CELM), Archie MacGillivray (AG), Douglas Breingan (DB), Iain McNicol (IN), Lesley Hamilton (LH), Nic Jones (NJ), Cathie Carmichael.

2) Previous minutes:

Proposed SR. Seconded DD. (with the following correction: that bullet point  5 in AOCB be deleted as it is repeated at bullet point  8 with the correct amount of money from Mrs. Grant  ie. £200).

3)Matters Arising

There were no matters arising

9) Achinduin 

Iris informed the meeting that the Annual sum of £100 which  CELM has previously received from her was not rent, but a donation. She is no longer prepared to give further donations.

She read out an excerpt from a letter received by her from Mr. Joseph Kijowski’s solicitors sent to her when he purchased the land at Achinduin. This letter stated that she and her family had perpetual use of the grazing of Achinduin at no charge.

She was not willing to allow the meeting sight of the document but suggested that Directors contact her solicitor for a copy.

Iris stated that she paid £700 a year for Public Liability Insurance.

DD suggested that perhaps her insurance could also cover the interest of  CELM, thus saving them some money. The Comunn Eachdraidh interest in the land would have to be noted in her insurance policy. Iris agreed to look at her policy.

She stated that it was her understanding that CELM land at Achinduin was owned by the people of Lismore and not by CELM

DD read to her the relevant sentences from the Title Deeds to Achinduin held by CELM which confirmed that they do in fact own Achinduin.

Iris said that his was news to her and that she would have to look into the matter.

She, however, offered to buy back the land for the sum of £2000.

She then left the meeting.

Further discussion of Achinduin is deferred until the next meeting of Directors.

4) Museum Mentor

BH stated that Argyll and Bute Council are no longer funding Sharon Webb as Museum Mentor but Catherine Gilles has agreed to take on this role, in the main free of cost; however, should any specialist matters arise, her charge would be £20 per hour. BH felt that this was a very reasonable rate.

The meeting agreed to accept Catherine’s offer to perform this essential function and thanked her for her generous offer 

5) Archaeological Walks leaflet

MM stated that the leaflets, which are now priced at £2.50 are not selling.

After some discussion it was agreed to try to sell them at  £2.00 instead for the remainder of the season and see how they go.

MM also stated that postcards of the art work in the booklets are selling very well.

6) IT

Stephen Green, HC and BH are working together to see what can be done as our systems are no longer supported.

The minimum spend to rectify our present situation is £3,000

BH emphasized the seriousness of the situation and asked that the matter be tabled for a decision at the next meeting.

7) Oban Games

DF, SR, DL and JL will attend this event on 28th August, possibly with LH as well.

JL and SR will take cars.

JB has contact details for passes if these are not forthcoming soon.

8 Confirmation of Helen Crossan as Director

BH stated that Helen will join as us as Director in January 2015

10 New Constitution 

The new draft constitutions for both TAIC and CELM are to be discussed at the next Directors’ Meeting.

All directors have received e-mail copies and hard copies will be distributed to KM and DB.

BH emphasized the need for directors to read the draft before the next meeting and bring suggestions to the table.

The new constitutions will be adopted at an EGM.

11) Financial Report

AL gave a summary of the finances at present.

12 AOCB 

  • LK reported that she was updating the events page of the CELM website. JB is giving her a list of forthcoming events.
  • The Annual Comunn Eachdraidh Ceilidh  takes place on 30th

DL is organizing.  Seven raffle prizes were promised from those present and    there is an expectation that Lesley will provide one from the shop.

KM promised a voucher from the café.

  • SR reported that NJ is resigning from directorship of TAIC due to pressure of work and that he (SR) is also resigning as a director and chair of TAIC.

Persons remaining on the board of TAIC are,therefore, DF, JB and PN (Peggy Nicholson)   AF attends at Treasurer.

A vote of thanks was given to SR for his work with TAIC.

Date of next meeting

Thursday 18th September. 6.00pm


Freda Drysdale 15th August 2014